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Adult Students

We at the Relayer Group strive to provide our families with the best academic support possible - but we know that sometimes our clients don't fully understand the benefits of ongoing, regular academic supplementation (or test preparation). So, we wanted to take a few moments to share our thoughts on some of the biggest benefits to our services!

AP Tests

AP Tests have been a mainstay for high school students since 1956. The primary purpose of the AP system is to allow high school students the opportunity to earn college credits before actually entering college. Additionally, these classes offer students a unique opportunity to boost their GPA since these courses are weighted at 5.0 credits (rather than the traditional 4.0 credits). Each AP class offers an optional, end-of-the-year test (graded on a score of 1-5) that, if passed with a 4 or 5, will award the student college credit towards an equivalent course. This simple possibility is one of the most powerful incentives for students to not only take the class but also do well enough to pass the respective test. According to Educationdata.org, the cost of a university-level college course averages anywhere from $1,188 (for in-state residents) to $4,478 (for private, nonprofit colleges) - costs that don't even take textbooks, lodging, and our most valuable currency, time, into consideration. As such, preparing for these tests is almost mandatory for any high-achieving high school student and the most successful students start that preparation early in the year to maximize their understanding while minimizing their need to cram excessively before the test!

Standardized Test Preparation

While it's rarely the most exciting thing on any student's agenda, standardized (admissions) tests have often been the critical factor in deciding a student's educational options starting as early as middle school. Regardless of what level of education your student is entering (middle/high school or college), preparing for these tests is often considered borderline mandatory. While there is both a literal and metaphorical price to pay for success on these tests, the benefits are largely considered a valuable trade-off!

Tests like the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) and the High School Placement Test (HSPT) are used to qualify students for eligibility to some of the most exclusive and prestigious preparatory schools. These schools are celebrated for their smaller class sizes, world-class educators, and more advanced technologies/resources - all of which are utilized to help your student excel in preparation for college! 

Tests like the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and  American College Testing (ACT) are usually the final hurdle for college-bound students looking to gain admissions into the country's top universities. Success on these tests can be a grueling and tiresome task for most students - but the rewards of persevering and achieving a top score can be quite exceptional (and lucrative)! Not only can a top score help round out a student's admissions profile, but it can also help him or her earn valuable and coveted Merit Scholarship money! It's not uncommon for a school to offer Automatic Merit Scholarships based on a combination of a student's GPA and standardized test score - and as expected, the higher a student's GPA (and/or their test score) the more money he or she is generally awarded upon being granted admission into that University!

Regular Academic Assistance

The final pillar to a student's outstanding academic success is ongoing academic support for his or her most difficult courses. With the academic monkey-wrench that was COVID-19, many schools had a particularly tough time transitioning to distanced learning protocols. Outdated technology, lack of familiarity with online systems, and the inability to engage and connect with students prevented many instructors from effectively transitioning to remote learning. As such, most student's performance (and confidence) took a noticeable hit. 

Despite the gloomy outlook, getting your student prepared to face the rigors of finals (and next year's academic challenges) doesn't have to feel like an insurmountable task! The Relayer Group can help your student get caught up, stay caught up, and even get ahead of the curve! Our instructors often teach remotely with updated and advanced technologies that not only replace the need for being in-person (in most cases) but also provide numerous advantages over traditional pencil and paperwork, such as allowing us to fluidly integrate file transferring and note sharing all while leveraging the internet to provide supplemental materials on the spot! There has never been an easier time to learn, and we at the Relayer Group are the experts you want to help your student get the results he or she deserve!